When it comes to improving business performance, CEOs have no shortage of techniques from which to choose.

But what really works over the long haul?
What REALLY drives rapid growth, year after year?

 The authors of What Really Works: the 4+2 Formula for Sustained Business Success
(from Harvard Business School, Dartmouth and McKinsey) undertook a major, ground breaking study over 10 years to determine the key factors that lead to sustained growth. The results were stunningly simple! 

All successful companies master six specific management practices, four of which are compulsory and two of which are optional but which must come from a list of four secondary management practices. This 4+2 pattern was found in every company which has achieved and sustained long-term success.

How can you achieve the tremendous sustained success
of these companies: decade after decade?


We tracked the growth of these companies
for almost 30 years. Their results will astonish you!

* * *
Average Annual Market Capitalization Growth of 254%;
(30 years = 7,630%)

* * *

Average Annual Sales Growth of 104%;
(30 years = 3,128%)

From 1986, through multiple recessions and gut wrenching economic crisis, such winning companies saw their share price increase by 4,428% (versus 874% for the S&P500 index).

This is remarkable, as these results do NOT include today’s tech giants like Google, Facebook and Apple. It so happens that Apple follows the same 4+2 formula for success – and it’s growth dwarfs even these high flyers!

If you’d like to learn how Apple REALLY does it,
click here to download this analysis on how Apple became the world’s most valuable company (hint: it goes way beyond their super cool products)


How applicable is this 4+2 model and these results for small and medium sized companies? VERY applicable.

Our consulting work with many organizations ranging from $2M to $120M in annual revenue shows that ALL these organizations were able to model the 4+2 practices and grow faster.

A company that consistently follows this 4+2 formula has a better than 90% chance of sustaining superior performance.

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 “Forget the fads. Here are eight big, basic, proven building blocks of long-term company success.” (Harvard Business Review)

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Take this assessment today.

Then use the results to achieve sustained business success
like these 4+2 high growth, winning companies. 

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